Weboo Concept

myWeboo Concept

They say we are in the “Digital Age”.

In the not too distant past, we had most of our documents in a hard copy safely stored away in file cabinets. Or, if you are like most people, scattered away throughout your house or office.

We evolved.

We started storing our documents – pictures, files, notes – in our “Personal Computer”.

And now we are more mobile than ever before.

We started storing our data on the “web”.

Somewhere along the way came the Social Revolution (the Web kind – not the political one). We started uploading our data – our pictures, our videos, our songs, our likes, our dislikes, – heck our whole life – into “Social” sites such as Youtube, mySpace and Facebook.
So now, we have data – that is ours – in multiple locations. Some in my home computer, some in my laptop and a whole bunch scattered throughout the web.
We are still not done. We now have data in the “Cloud” …

How do we keep track of what we have and where we have them? What if we want to access them and manage them from a single intuitive interface? What if we want to access them from anywhere – our home, our school, our workplace – or over in Starbucks on our iPad while we are sipping Lattes?

Well, here is our chance to evolve further!

myWeboo, aims to be your Personal Information Management solution on the Web.

You can now access, manage, control, share and publish YOUR data (your pictures, videos etc.) stored across the web and various storage devices using myWeboo.

Your data can stay where it is. You can continue your love affair with Facebook, while paying a cursory glance at your ex-flame, mySpace. You can continue storing your most personal files – those that you dont intend to share – in your PC.

myWeboo helps you access these data, view them, edit them and share them in a manner you see fit.

Think of myWeboo as your “Webtop” – just like your Desktop – but mobile and accessible from anywhere on the web. More versatile and continually evolving.

Here’s to Evolution!

Team Weboo