Hey guys!! Thank you for the tremendous support!!

Based on your request, we just added Delicious and Photobucket to our platform!! Please try them  now!!

How to add them? Just login to Myweboo and your will see the “Add ..”  button at  the upper right corner!

With just ONE click, you can easily manage your social websites! Is that simple and easy?

Join MyWeboo , to effectively manage your social data and services today!

You can also create your ME profile to share your social data.

How to create a WebooMe profile? You can use the WebooME profile button to create your own personal LINK!

What is ME profile? It’s a link that combines your own  recent activities (updates) at your social web services that you added to Myweboo. You could copy and paste your ME profile Link” to your instant messenger, blog, and other existing social networks.

Ready to show your profile to the world ? Create your WebooME today!


What is Delicious?  It’s a social bookmarking tool. You can check it here: http://delicious.com/

What is Photobucket? Check it here:http://photobucket.com/