To continue on our opening theme, this indeed is the Digital Age.

As participants and inhabitants of this Digital Age, we leave our marks in the sand. We leave a Digital Footprint. The wikipedia defines Digital Footprint as follows

A digital footprint is the data trace or trail left by someone’s activity in a digital environment. Digital footprints are the capture in an electronic fashion of memories and moments and are built from the interaction with TV, mobile phone, World Wide Web, Internet, mobile web and other digital devices and sensors. ” (Reference:

Turns out that an average Facebook user creates about 70 pieces of Content each month. (Reference: According to a CNet article (, an average user is online for about 13 hours per week. The various user generated content sites such as Flickr and Youtube has billions of pictures and videos contributed by users.

This data, that you contribute is stored as bits and bytes in some assorted array of electronic devices spread around the world. If you wanted to look at this data that you contributed, owned, used, referenced, or simply browsed through over a period of time, what are your choices?

Would it not be nice to have a single easy to access destination wherein you can collect a reference to all the relevant data that YOU were interested in and happened to use in some fashion through the timeline of history?

Thats what myWEBoo hopes to help you with.

Your files, your pictures, your videos, your bookmarks and a host of other data – at your fingertips.

myWEBoo is your “Explorer” that will help you navigate through your data that you have collected on the Web.

Its your guide to the Digital Footprint that YOU have left on the sands of these digital times.

Happy exploring!